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Baillie/Sharits: Mind the Gap, it is not were it appears to be

La Furia Umana 26 dez 2015

When Toni d’Angela asked me to write a paper on Bruce Bailie and Paul Sharits , I was wondering what on earth could have preside such a choice, my text was supposed to be part part of a small studies about the eye of Bruce Baillie and the mind of Paul Sharits.

And then, things clarified when I realized that for both filmmakers, perception was at stake. It was not only a question of eye and mind but the very nature of their works is dealing with the way we perceived, despite the fact that one filmmaker is privileging a kind of photographic imagery while the other emphasized the perceptual processes through a kind of abstraction. At the same time, there is something else, both filmmakers have a specific relation to the used of colors. Colors seems to give way to the image.